When Nursing Homes Put Their Profits Above Your Loved One’s Care

When they can no longer care for themselves, elderly people still deserve good care. They deserve to be treated with dignity. Sadly, nursing home corporations frequently do not provide humane treatment to our loved ones. Some of the things that happen inside nursing homes are just appalling. Even so-called “nice” nursing homes can often provide awful care to the residents when the doors close and the family leaves. Fancy carpet and elaborate wallpaper does not indicate that quality care is being provided. The controlling nursing home corporation is often just too cheap to hire enough qualified people to provide good care. These corporate executives are often more interested in padding their profits, than they are in the vulnerable human beings who rely upon them for care.

It is a betrayal of our trust – pure and simple.

Poor treatment causes painful (and even deadly) decubitus ulcers (bedsores), unsanitary conditions, repeated infections, dehydration, dramatic weight loss, falls, broken bones, and sometimes even death.

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