Charleston Nursing Center in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, Causes Wrongful Death, According to Loved Ones

Sixty-nine year old Raymond Hollingsworth suffered from Crohn’s disease and dementia. On July 22, 1999 he was admitted to the Charleston Nursing Center located in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. At the time, he had just a small, dime-sized blister on his left heel. Within 47 days, Mr. Hollingsworth had nine Stage III and IV bedsores. These are pressure sores that have developed to the point where destruction has extended to below the skin tissue, creating a deep cavity. Loss of skin also occurs, along with damage to the muscle, bone, and tendons and joints. He also suffered from contracture of the muscles which is a permanent shortening of muscles or tendons due to extended periods of stress on the muscles or tendons. Once contracture of the muscles occurs, it can only be surgically corrected. Due to the severity and amount of infection in his left leg due to the pressure sore on his heel, Mr. Hollingsworth’s left leg ended up being amputated below his knee. After the surgery which removed his lower leg, Mr. Hollingsworth was returned to Charleston Nursing Center. Unfortunately, his care apparently did not improve. He continued to suffer from infections and numerous bed sores there, until the time of his death in October of 2000, barely over a year after he was first admitted. Mr. Hollingsworth’s wife, Jean Hollingsworth, understandably pursued a claim for wrongful death. The nursing home settled the case for $950,000.00.

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