New York Citizens Value Damages to Nursing Home Resident at $18.75 Million

The mistreatment of John Danzy was so bad that it made history in the State of New York. His case was the first in New York State where a jury decided that punitive damages had to be awarded against the nursing home that neglected him.

John Danzy was 76 years old, and an Alzheimer’s patient who was placed in the care of the Brooklyn Queens Nursing Home in Brooklyn in 2002. According to the Danzy family, when he was admitted into the nursing home, he was walking without assistance, and he weighed almost 250 pounds. His condition rapidly changed as the nursing home began to “care” for him. After only nine months Mr. Danzy could no longer walk, he lost 100 pounds, and twenty bedsores riddled his body.

When his family discovered his condition, Mr. Danzy was transferred to another facility, but it was too late. He unfortunately succumbed to infections in the bedsores. To make matters worse, when Mr. Danzy’s family expressed concern over the treatment that Mr. Danzy had endured, the nursing home reportedly altered their records to make them appear that they were giving Mr. Danzy the attention and care that is required by law, according to reports. An FBI specialist who examined the records testified that over one hundred alterations were made to the nursing home records before they were provided to Mr. Danzy’s family. The good citizens of New York who served on the jury did not appreciate the nursing home‘s apparent attempt at creative writing. Mr. Danzy’s estate was awarded $3.75 million for the pain and suffering Mr. Danzy endured at the end of his life, and to punish the nursing home for its egregious conduct, the jury added an additional $15 million.

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