A Biker Gang for Nursing Home Residents?

It’s true. Well, it’s sort of true.

The Bethesda Retirement Center, a not-for-profit home near Chicago, recently organized a night out at a biker bar called the Evil Olive after nursing home resident Elizabeth Barrett asked about it. A group of residents wanted to go, so the facility’s life enrichment director put it together. Ms. Barrett had the idea of the residents dressing up as bikers for their night on the town. So, one man and seven women, ranging in age from sixty-five to ninety-seven and dressed up in full biker regalia, and invaded the Evil Olive. The Chicago chapter of A.B.A.T.E. showed up numerous members for the event, as did the Latino American Motorcycle Association. About 100 people attended, to help raise funds for a touch-screen computer for the residents to use for internet access back at the home.

Some of the experienced bikers in the crowd had planned to go for a spin on their motorcycles with the residents, but the night was too cold. Maybe next time. Thanks go to Chicago’s NBC affiliate for reporting.

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