More Warning Signs of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Here are some more warning signs that could mean that your loved one is being neglected or abused:

1. Your loved one frequently becomes ill, and you and/or the physician are not immediately notified.

2. Incidents involving fractures or broken bones, particularly broken hips.

3. Over-medication.

4. The unexplained death of your loved one.

5. Another resident injuring your loved one.

6. Injuries occurring during a so-called “wandering” episode, where the staff is not aware that your loved one has gone missing for a period of time.

7. Neglecting your loved one’s daily necessities, including food, water, and clothing.

8. Failing to care for your loved one’s existing medical conditions.

9. Your loved one becomes malnourished or dehydrated.

10. Your loved one’s clothing goes missing.

11. Your loved one’s personal hygiene suffers.

12. Failing to provide necessary medical attention.

13. Forcing your loved one to stay in their room.

14. Slapping, pushing, shaking, or beating your loved one.

15. Your loved one suddenly has open wounds or cuts.

16. The nursing home cannot or will not explain your loved one’s condition.

17. Under-medicating your loved one.

18. Unreasonable physical restraints.

19. Over-use of chemical restraints or psychotropic medications.

20. Sexual Assault or Rape.

21. Physical Assault or Battery.

22. Your loved one suddenly wants to be isolated all of the time.

23. Unusual behavior suddenly develops in your loved one.

24. Sudden personality change.

25. Your loved one suddenly becomes withdrawn.

26. Your loved one is very upset emotionally or becomes extremely agitated.

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